Join the Lab

Do you want to volunteer for the Toronto Laboratory for Social Neuroscience? Michael Inzlicht accepts new student volunteers from time to time. Interested students should be prepared to volunteer for 8-10 hours per week. 

To join the lab, please complete a lab application and submit it with a transcript (unofficial copies are OK) to Dr. Inzlicht’s mailbox in the Psychology office, or slipped under the door of the lab, in room SY162 of the Science Building.

Apply to Grad School

Are you interested in pursuing graduate studies with Dr. Inzlicht at the University of Toronto? Dr. Inzlicht is always on the lookout for eager, self-motivated and hard-working graduate students, and he will be accepting one new student each Fall for the foreseeable fuiture. In general, Dr. Inzlicht is especially eager to accept students who have interests in the psychology and neuroscience of self-control.

Benefits of working in the Toronto Laboratory for Social Neuroscience include guaranteed funding (including funds for one to two conferences per year), experience in a multidisciplinary lab, and the quality of life conferred by living in the great city of Toronto.

For more information about the lab, please contact Dr. Inzlicht.

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